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Click on the files below to download. All files are in .mobi format so should work on your Kindle. If you need another format just email me through the Contact page.

If you're reading this on your phone/tablet, depending on the browser you use, you may be able to send the file straight to your eReader app. When the file has downloaded click on it and then choose 'Open In...' or 'Copy to...' and select the app you want.

If this doesn't work you'll need to download the file to your PC/Mac first and then send it to your device. 

The easiest way to send a .mobi file to your Kindle is to download the ‘Send To Kindle’ software from Amazon. You can get it here:

Alternatively you can email the file to your Kindle e-mail account and it should appear on whatever device you use next time you sync. It'll be a document (so make sure your library is showing All Items) but will behave just like a Kindle book. You can usually find your Kindle email address by visiting 'Settings' on your Kindle/iPad Kindle app/iPhone Kindle app or by logging on to Amazon and going to 'Manage my Device'. The address should be in the format [name]

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